Today: Getting literary with your skin (plus news)

Book manicureToday is World Poetry Day. Here’s an interactive poetry map that takes you on a global poetry journey (although Canada is woefully underrepresented). And if you like books (especially poetry books), and like them so much you want to look at them all day, why not get a book manicure. Or just get some literary tats.
Other things we learned today:

  • There is a general global decline in book sales, but nobody seems to know why.
  • Sci-fi horror writer and author of The Rats, James Herbert, has died at age 69. His latest book was published last week.
  • A U.K. librarian has been fired over a Harlem Shake video that she didn’t appear in.
  • According to Terrible Minds blogger you should really quit writing now (but not poetry). Get all the reasons you need to give it all up now.

Now go hug a poet. And maybe buy a book.